This Subscription Is Not Registered With The Microsoft.Insights Resource Provider

It is possible to get the error, This Subscription Is Not Registered With The Microsoft.Insights Resource Provider sometimes with a new Azure subscription. The latest example I had of this was when using Azure Monitor.


A provider is an element in the backend of Azure Resource Manager – think of it as wait staff in the Azure restaurant that takes your order and passes it back to the chef who figures out how to make it happen. Sometimes, a provider that is normally registered with a subscription … isn’t. You can fix this with PowerShell:

Register-AzureRmResourceProvider –ProviderNamespace Microsoft.Insights

It can take several minutes for the provider to register. You can check the status with:

Get-AzureRmResourceProvider –ProviderNamespace Microsoft.Insights

Or you can just use the Azure Portal. Browse to Subscriptions > select your subscription > Resource Providers (under Settings). Here you can see the registration status of the provider, and you can register the provider in the GUI:


Click Register and the status will switch from NotRegistered to Registering. Give it 5-15 minutes, refresh the blade, and see if it’s registered. Your problem will be fixed then.


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