Cannot Delete A Storage Pool Because It Is Read Only

I do a lot of messing around with Storage Spaces. This can involve reusing disks that have been used in other pools – I want to erase the disks but I encounter an error:

Error deleting virtual disk: The storage pool could not complete the operation because its configuration is read-only.

This is easy to fix … with PowerShell. Get the name of the Storage Pool, also known as the friendly name – for example Pool1. Then run:

Get-StoragePool –FriendlyName “Pool1” | Set-StoragePool –IsReadOnly $false

Then if you are sure, you can delete the storage pool, thus cleaning the disks for reuse:

Get-StoragePool –FriendlyName “Pool1” | Remove-StoragePool

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14 Comments on Cannot Delete A Storage Pool Because It Is Read Only

  1. thanku very much

  2. Thanks forthe soloution.

  3. Spot on worked like a charm


  4. Cris Rodriguez // March 1, 2015 at 7:58 PM // Reply

    Great post worked for me as well.

  5. Wow… I fought with this for an hour and a half. This totally worked, and it was the ONLY solution that did. Thanks!

  6. The solution still works with Windows Server 2016 (WS2016) Technical Preview 3 (TPv3).

  7. Great post. Was struggling with other oddball issues, come to find out reused disks despite being cleaned, were still showing up in a previously configured storage pool. This worked like a charm.

  8. Many thanks. Saved my day.

  9. On my home server, I had a OS Raid 0 (2 x 500gb TB) configured at bios, and 3 x 2tb drives configured in Windows Server 2012 R2 as a Storage Pool, which was then divided into different drives.

    Unfortunately, one of my OS drives failed, and I accidentally wiped the Raid (please don’t laugh) by incorrectly removing the wrong drive.

    So I had to rebuild entirely a fresh install at OS, AD, DNS etc etc glad I took notes when setting it up initially. Taking the 3 x 2tb drives out to a caddy for wiping, I had this issue where the previous pool was in read only. Nothing I did in the GUI allowed me to “reset the disks” there were the read only issues in this article.

    I came across this topic, thankfully! I followed the advice to run the 2 commands within powershell and I was able to set the disks, 1 by 1, back to read write, then from there was able to delet the virtual disks, reformat and ultimately reuse the disks. Just make sure you run BOTH commands through powershell, and replace the quotes with quotes (as they were the “wrong” quotes)

    Thank you, you saved me 6tb and my sanity!

  10. it’s awesome and worked for me.

  11. Was struggling figure out how to delete server 2012 “Storage Pools” with invalid disks…Worked like a Charm First Time !

    Thank You !

  12. You may also get an access denied if you have the storagepool configured in failover cluster.Take this offline and remove it and then try the command again.

  13. Spot on indeed, worked like a champ

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