What is the requirement of a cluster?  Shared storage.  What’s supported in WS2012/R2?

  • Fiber Channel SAN
  • FCoE
  • PCI RAID (like Dell VRTX)
  • Storage Spaces

What’s the difference between a cluster and a Hyper-V cluster?  You’ve enabled Hyper-V on the nodes.  Here are 2 nodes, each connected to a JBOD.  Storage Spaces is configured on the JBOD to create cluster shared volumes.  All that remains now is to enable Hyper-V on node 1 and node 2, and now you have a valid Hyper-V cluster that stores VMs on the CSVs

It’s completely supported, and a perfect Hyper-V cluster solution for the small/medium business, with the JBOD costing a fraction (search engine here and here) of the equivalent capacity SAN.

Stupid questions that you should not ask:

  • What file shares do I use to store my VMs on?  Where do you see “file shares” in the above text?  You store the VMs directly on the CSVs like in a Hyper-V cluster with a SAN, instead of storing file shares on the CSVs like in a SOFS cluster.
  • Can I run other roles on the hosts?  No.  You never should do that … and I include Exchange Server and SQL Server for the 2 people that I now hope have resigned from working in IT who asked that recently.
  • The required networks if you use 10 GbE are shown above.  Go look at converged networks for all possible designs; it’s the same clustered 2012/R2 Hyper-V networking as always.

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  1. Could a second LSI 9200-8e be added to each node for additional redundancy?

    • The LSI adapter already has 2 interfaces. I think there would be better ways to spend budget … or not spend it.

  2. Is this still supported in VMM? I had read that having the SOFS and hyperv role on the host was not supported in VMM

    • VMM does not like Hyper-V hosts to also be SOFS nodes that share storage via SMB 3.0 to other nodes/clusters. And to be honest, that scenario is pretty pointless. Either the servers are Hyper-V hosts with Storage Spaces clustered storage, or they are SOFS nodes that use Storage Spaces clustered storage.

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