Didier Van Hoye (VM MVP like me) beat me to blogging about configuring the new options for Live Migration in Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V.  He’s doing that a lot lately Smile  There Didier shows you how to configure the performance options for Live Migration in the GUI.  Here’s how you can do it using PowerShell:

Set-VMHost –VirtualMachineMigrationPerformanceOption <Option>

Where <Option> can be:

  • Compression: This is the default option in WS2012 R2 and uses idle CPU capacity (only) to reduce the time to live migrate VMs.
  • SMB: Using SMB 3.0 Direct (if RDMA is available) and Multichannel (if multiple NICs are available)
  • TCPIP: The legacy non-optimized Live Migration option


Set-VMHost –VirtualMachineMigrationPerformanceOption SMB

And that’s how Ben Armstrong probably scripted his host changes in his TechEd 2013 Live Migration demo (obviously with a lot more logic wrapped around it).

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  1. That’s serious scripting… 2 MVPs fighting for the first place for a line of very basic powershell… Come on, one lollypop each and you are all happy :-)

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