Thanks Once Again To Those Who Support My Blog

Once again I have to thank the folks who are supporting my blog.  There are so many kind people out there.

Thank you to the folks at Altaro who have been great supporters of the Hyper- V community and for sponsoring my blog.

I also need to thank the people at Veeam who have recently joined my blog as a sponsor and who are also a virtualisation community supporter.

It has been amazing to see how many of you are buying things via my Amazon links.  You’ve kept me stocked with e-books (legally too!) and this week I had a nice new walkabout camera bag for my big lens and some fast SD storage delivered to my hotel.  My bruised shoulder where I’ve carried my tripod lens thanks you!

This blog would be much lesser without the help of friends, MVP colleagues, and the folks in Microsoft who continue to help me.

I’ve been lucky enough to be quoted and linked by many people, so thank you for sending your readers to me.  The last 12 months saw another big increase in readers and it is much appreciated.

And thank you to those who read my blog, despite those occasions when I break down and erupt into a rant of some kind Smile  Every now and then, an email or comment comes in with a nice message and that can turn a crappy day into a good one. 

Coming to an event and having people say nice things … honestly … I’m amazed.  I hope I’m not appearing like a jerk … I’m amazed that someone from the USA wants a photo with me, that someone far away in Malaysia is reading my blog, or that someone in South America is reading a book that I’ve written.  Quite honestly, I’m surprised every time someone looks at my name tag and says “are you … ?”.  When I started this blog way-back-when, I did a happy dance when I hit 100 page views in a day.  I’m just a short-fat-bald dude from soggy Ireland who rants every now and then, and I really appreciate the support you’ve given and hope that I’ve been able to share something of use for you.

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11 Comments on Thanks Once Again To Those Who Support My Blog

  1. Thank you Aidan for your great posts and the support for the community.

  2. You’re short?

    Thanks for all the help and information!

  3. Thank you for the blog and all of your great insight and support to the community.

  4. Great Blog. Very useful when setting up two Hyper-V sites for the first time recently with clusters and all the whizz bang replication and stuff. White on black makes my eye go funny though!

  5. Thank you dear Aidan… great Blog.
    I visited frequently…
    Could you please advise which SSD storage 2.5″ is the fastest to run Hyper-V on a laptop?

    Kind regards,

  6. I think it is us who must thank you for all the information we have learned from your blog. I must say “More Power” and I hope that you’ll continue writing down and enriching us with more information. Thanks Aidan!

  7. I concur, a big thanks to you is in order.

    Rants are expected. It let’s us know you are real and have the same frustrations as the rest of us. Besides, you’re Irish, and being half Irish myself, rants are part of who we are. 🙂

    Seriously, keep up the good work!

  8. Aidan,

    All joking aside, thank you for the useful information on your blog. Very helpful. And thanks for being a good friend!

  9. Hi Aidan,

    Thanks to you for all your great articles and books.
    I have seen you in Belfast a bit more than 1 year ago for an Hyper-V event and it was brilliant. You definitely know how to present stuffs and more important, you know what you are talking about.

    I just purchased your Microsoft Private Cloud books using your Amazon link 🙂

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