No Mistakes This Time, Mr. Eurocrat – The Windows 8 Browser Chooser

I’ve not seen the Browser Chooser yet on my Enterprise installations of Windows 8, but it popped up today on the Windows 8 (home) demo machines we got at work last week.  The first screen (below) tells me that I have an important, possibly life altering, choice to make.


I’m then presented with my options.  IE10 was the 4th choice both times.


You might not notice it, but you can scroll the list of possible browsers to get something different to the first 5:


And there’s more:


I’ve never heard of most of those browsers.  What the hell is a FireFox? Didn’t Clint Eastwood steal that from the USSR for President Reagan to bomb furniture stores?  Smile with tongue out I picked IE10 and was rewarded with some congratulations:



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