Help To Shape vNext Of Windows Server Hyper-V

Right now, Microsoft is planning vNext of Windows Server. Don’t bother asking them about it. You’ll get the response: “we don’t talk about futures”. But you can be sure that they are talking to people, companies of various sizes, hardware partners, etc.

If there was any effective time to give feedback to Microsoft, it is now.  Doing it when the beta starts has some impact; it might change how something works, but you don’t get new features or major changes post-beta.  This is your chance, your time, to speak out, to let Microsoft know how you use or want to use Hyper-V.

Take a few minutes to complete The Great Big Hyper-V Survey of 2012.  It’s one thing to stick up your hand at an event and say you need a feature, but it’s a whole other thing (and much more effective) to be part of a larger group that is measured.  With the information we gather, we MVPs are in a position to talk to Microsoft and give your feedback.  I know that they read the 2011 information that we (you the reader and we the 3 organisers) created together and we showed some surprising results.  Already, I’m seeing interesting trends in the 2012 data. 

Take the time. Be a contributor.  Don’t be the “I want USB whinger in the back”.  Be a leader.  Answer the questions of The Great Big Hyper-V Survey of 2012 and be someone who helps to shape vNext of Hyper-V.

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