How To Buy Windows 8 For Different Scenarios

This post mainly applies to SMEs, small/home office (SoHo), and personal usage.  The following slide describes the various scenarios where you want to buy Windows 8 and which type of package to sell/buy:



  • OEM: the manufacturer supplied installation that cannot be moved to another piece of tin.  A Windows machine must start with either OEM or Personal Use License (see later).
  • FPP Upgrade: Fully packaged product, the thing you buy off the shelf or direct from MSFT. Only Windows 8 (aka Home) and Windows 8 Pro. It is an upgrade license only.
  • VL: Volume license, which you can buy if you have more than 5 machines. It is legally an upgrade license (even though it can do a clean install). It requires the machine already has an existing license, e.g. an OEM of Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8 Pro.
  • SA: Software Assurance, an optional add-on or Open or Select (volume) license programs that offers free upgrades and additional benefits for a certain number of years, e.g. 2 years.  EA and Open Value license programs include SA.
  • Personal Usage License: The “system builder” license that is available to actual system builders. Now it is also available to enthusiasts who build their own PC an have no unassigned OEM license to start with. Not for upgrades, legalization, or businesses over 5 users.
  • Legalization: You or an auditor has found discrepancies and you need to fix your licensing


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