Linux Integration Services v3.4 For Hyper-V Is Released

A new version of the Hyper-V integration components for Linux has been released by Microsoft.  The changes that I can see are:

  • You can have more than 4 virtual CPUs in the VM.  The actual limit is determined by Hyper-V (which scales out to 64 vCPUs on WS2012 Hyper-V and Hyper-V Server 2012).
  • They explicitly mention full support for the mouse in Linux guest OSs

The supported guest OSs are now:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7, 5.8, 6.0-6.3 x86 and x64
  • CentOS 5.7, 5.8, 6.0-6.3 x86 and x64

That actually looks like older versions (5.7 and 5.8) have been added, as well as the newer 6.3 versions.

There are some interesting notes on Linux guests in the accompanying documentation.  Some highlights:

  • Formatting a VHDX file with an ext3 file system might fail. To work around this issue, either use an ext4 file system, or create the .VHDX file with a smaller block size, such as 1 MB.  Using the ext4 file system is recommended for production deployments of Linux on Hyper-V.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) did not include support for 4K drives until version 6.0, so be careful when deploying 4K disks!
  • The Hyper-V bridge.sys driver is not compatible with all WI-FI routers. This might result in a virtual machine not receiving an address through DHCP – this only occurs if the virtual switch is bound to a WI-FI NIC.  The workaround is to configure the WI-FI with a static IP reservation for the WI-FI NIC, and then statically defining that IP on the WI-FI NIC.
  • If you want to use kdump functionality, configure kdump before installing the Linux Integration Services
  • If you have virtual machines configured to use more than 7 virtual processors , you should add “numa=off” to the GRUB boot.cfg to work around a known issue in the Linux kernel.
  • If you have virtual machines configured to use more than 30 GB RAM, you should add “numa=off” to the GRUB boot.cfg.

As usual, the following features are not available in this version of Linux Integration Services:

  • Integration services: Volume Snapshot Backup
  • Networking: TCP Offload
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7 Comments on Linux Integration Services v3.4 For Hyper-V Is Released

  1. Hi
    Do you know yet of anyone having issues with IC3.4 and Redhat 5.7-5.8? Installed okay, tested functionality – mouse function works okay, synthetic network card successful, time sync okay but the shutdown facility – fails, sending a shutdown via the hyper v window does perform a shutdown to the server but not gracefully it literally powers it off.

    • That is not an expected result. Are you using RedHat (not supported) or RHEL (supported)? The shutdown command literally just sends a shutdown command to the guest OS for a graceful shutdown.

  2. We are using RHEL.

  3. Hi did you manage find a solution?

    Thank you.

  4. Daniel Oliveira // June 11, 2013 at 3:00 PM // Reply

    The NICs are working with 1000 (gigabit) ?

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