Here’s one quick video I recorded using Camtasia yesterday, featuring WS2012 Hyper-V snapshots and live merge:


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  1. About time. Makes snapping a bit more idiot proof :)

    • It is good news indeed. There is more good news on this topic that I hope to come back to at a later point.

  2. True, think I also heard Domain Controllers are meant to be happy to be snapped and rolled back (Win8 ones on Hyper-V 3 at least). No USN roll back :)

    • No spoilers :)

  3. I realise that this is an oldpost now, but at a recent MS event, I asked the presenting engineer if live snapshot merging was being added to 2012 and was told that it was not, thus my heart sunk. Was he incorrect?

    • He was very wrong. It has been there since the dev prev, and you can see it in this video.

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