Looking Back At System Center 2012 Launch In Dublin

That was one seriously full day today.  In a nutshell we had:

  • Introduction and setting the scene by Art Coughlan (MS Ireland sales)
  • The System Center story and licensing by Gavin McShera (MS Ireland sales)
  • A story from the real world by Damian Flynn (MVP, Cloud & Datacenter management)
  • Windows Server 8 by Dave Northey (MS Ireland DPE)

With the PowerPoint done, we moved on to a demo-centric afternoon based on real-world scenarios:

  • Device lifecycle management featuring ConfigMgr and Endpoint Protection by me
  • Application models and monitoring by Kevin Greene (Ergo)
  • Orchestration & automation of cloud by Damian Flynn (again)
  • Orchestration & self service by Paul Keely (MVP, Cloud & Datacenter management)

We repeat the show in Belfast next Tuesday.  If you’re registered, you really do not want to miss this show.  The material and gathering of speakers will not be repeated.

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2 Comments on Looking Back At System Center 2012 Launch In Dublin

  1. Really sorry I missed it today. Now all I want is to see is the RTM downloads :-)

  2. can’t wait till Tuesday in Belfast :)

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