Looking Back At System Center 2012 Launch In Dublin

That was one seriously full day today.  In a nutshell we had:

  • Introduction and setting the scene by Art Coughlan (MS Ireland sales)
  • The System Center story and licensing by Gavin McShera (MS Ireland sales)
  • A story from the real world by Damian Flynn (MVP, Cloud & Datacenter management)
  • Windows Server 8 by Dave Northey (MS Ireland DPE)

With the PowerPoint done, we moved on to a demo-centric afternoon based on real-world scenarios:

  • Device lifecycle management featuring ConfigMgr and Endpoint Protection by me
  • Application models and monitoring by Kevin Greene (Ergo)
  • Orchestration & automation of cloud by Damian Flynn (again)
  • Orchestration & self service by Paul Keely (MVP, Cloud & Datacenter management)

We repeat the show in Belfast next Tuesday.  If youโ€™re registered, you really do not want to miss this show.  The material and gathering of speakers will not be repeated.

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2 Comments on Looking Back At System Center 2012 Launch In Dublin

  1. Really sorry I missed it today. Now all I want is to see is the RTM downloads ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. can’t wait till Tuesday in Belfast ๐Ÿ™‚

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