Create a Shutdown Tile in Windows 8 Metro UI Start Screen

A bit of an annoyance in the Windows 8 Developer Preview release is the lack of a quick shutdown tile.  Yes, you can go to command prompt and run the shutdown command but that’s not exactly user friendly.

So here’s my tested fix to add a Shutdown tile to the Metro UI.

  • Create a shortcut called Shutdown that runs the command C:windowssystem32shutdown /s /t 0
  • Move this shortcut into C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms (the location of the start menu).  Anything in here can be pinned to the Start Screen.
  • Go to the Start Screen, and into the Search charm.
  • Don’t search; browse through the tiles and find your Shutdown shortcut, now visible as a tile.
  • Select it (you tug it down slightly), and select pin from the bar in the bottom.

Now you have a working Shutdown tile that will shut down your Windows 8 machine with no delays or requests for confirmation.  Any problems with your shortcut will probably open Windows Explorer and bring you to the folder that the shortcut is in.

I haven’t tested it yet, but you probably can do the same for a Restart tile by using a shortcut to C:windowssystem32shutdown /r /t 0.

If you do want the official way to shutdown/restart/Sleep, then bring up the Charms bar, hit Settings, and touch Power.

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5 Comments on Create a Shutdown Tile in Windows 8 Metro UI Start Screen

  1. … or you just hit [windows]-i and push the power button…?

  2. Is there a way to add something that isn’t an .EXE like a .BAT?

  3. When RDPing into a Win8 machine (at least theis latest preview) the power button only allows ‘disconnect’ so your tile idea is very useful.

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