Book Review – Freedom ™ by Daniel Suarez

Freedom ™ (the tm mark is important!) is the sequel to the last book I reviewed, Daemon, also by Daniel Suarez.  The story continues and accelerates from the cliff hanger. 

I won’t give anything of the plot away.  This is a thriller.  IT and cyber security are mechanisms in the plot but they don’t dominate, and importantly, they don’t steal from it.  The tech does stretch a little further into the sci-fi realm than Daemon, but it’s grounded enough to not be a distraction. 

I’ll sum it up; the first thing I did when I reached the last page was check if the next book by Suarez was published yet.  I’d recommend Freedom ™ but only after you read Daemon.

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2 Comments on Book Review – Freedom ™ by Daniel Suarez

  1. I recently got turned on to audiobooks via Audible so just wanted to mention that Suarez’s books are also available in that format. Daemon is now on my “to listen” list, thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Just finished Daemon and started listening to Freedom TM. Good stuff for sure, very entertaining!

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