New Linux Integration Components Beta

A while ago, I asked for some feedback on Hyper-V and VMM.  Some of the strong feedback came on the Linux guest side.  In particular, the integration components:

  • The lack of shutdown integration.
  • Only 1 virtual CPU supported.
  • The lack of time synch between host and guest recently affected me.

Never fear, MS was ahead of me.  Ben Armstrong just let the public know that new integration components are in the works and you can download these new beta (test) IC’s from Connect now.  The IC’s are for the usual supported Linux distros (SLES and RHEL).  Supported is different to “it works”, i.e. these will probably work just as well on Ubuntu and CentOS but MS cannot support them.  They will also support all Hyper-V variants.  The new features are:

  • SMP support for up to 4 virtual CPU’s (Yay!)
  • Shutdown integration between host and guest, e.g. host shutdown or from VMM
  • Clock synch between host and guest (no more run away clock and NTP fixes)

Ben also says that the new functionality will be submitted to the Linux kernel.  Here’s hoping the Linux distros keep up to date.

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2 Comments on New Linux Integration Components Beta

  1. PolishPaul // May 22, 2010 at 1:27 PM // Reply

    Seems like these new IC’s still don’t work with Ubuntu…

    • Aidan Finn // May 24, 2010 at 8:48 AM // Reply

      I haven’t tried. Microsoft does not support the usage of the IC’s on anything but the stated versions of RHEL and SLES. The issue is that it’s hard to reeate a support relationship when there’s no company to deal with. I’ve been told that the V3 IC’s should work with Ubuntu because it is a Redhat variant, but I cannot confirm this. You may need to check if your Ubuntu kernel has the previous build of the IC’s that was released under GPLv2. There may be some workarounds required if it does.

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