Azure Training Courses

There’s huge pressure on enterprises, small/medium businesses, and service providers to learn Azure and to start making it a part of the company. But where do you start? Microsoft Azure is huge – the CSP price list for Azure in October 2017 included nearly 13,000 items!

Aidan Finn has been teaching Microsoft Azure to Microsoft partners in Ireland for over 3 years, being a part of the team that has made Ireland one of the more successful markets in the Microsoft Western Europe region. His focus on real world scenarios and solutions, coupled with his knowledge of Azure infrastructure has made the cloud a real thing for his customers.

After lots of questions, Aidan is bringing his own custom-written training to the the UK & Europe with Cloud Mechanix, a company he co-owns with his wife, Nicole. If you want to get a quick start on Microsoft Azure, then Cloud Mechanix training is what you need.

Course Catalog

At this time, Cloud Mechanix has one class available, Starting Azure Infrastructure, scheduled to run as follows:

Further locations & dates will announced in the near future.

Private Training

Cloud Mechanix can deliver the above training privately. Please contact us if you wish to learn more.