Installing An OpsMgr 2008 Agent on Windows Server 2008

I went about doing this today and to be honest, the instructions are non-existent.  You’ll need a bunch of updates.  Note that the hotfix rollup includes X64 and X86 updates and there are individual downloads for the x86 and x64 versions on the other KB’s.  Here’s how you can get an Operations Manager 2007 agent working on W2008:

  • Download and "install" KB954049 (a hotfix rollup).  This "install" is a messy extraction.  Note where it installs and copy the contents to somewhere safe.  You can "uninstall" the hotfix now.
  • Upgrade all of your OpsMgr server components to service pack 1.
  • Install KB951116, KB952664, KB953290 onto the W2008 server that you want to install an agent on to.
  • Reboot the destination agent server.
  • Install the OpsMgr Agent.  Make sure it is the SP1 agent!
  • Stop the OpsMgr Health Service.
  • Browse to where you saved the contents of KB954049.  Install the update.
  • Restart the server.

Your agent should now be able to communicate with the management server assuming that all the security side of things is OK (the same rules apply).

You’ll also find that you need to install the Windows Server 2008 Discovery Management Pack in order to be able to manage the OS on these new servers.  This management pack also appears to be a pre-requisite for role/feature management packs for Windows 2008, e.g. you’ll be unable to import those other management packs.  This is probably quite logical, i.e. there is a discovery dependancy for Windows Server 2008 objects.

Note that there’s a 4th fix (KB951327) required for any machine running a OpsMgr console on Windows Server 2008.

This is all a very manual thing.  You can probably script this pretty easily.  If you have System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (SCCM / ConfigMgr) or SMS then you can create a sequence of package programs with prerequisites to take care of this for you.  I’ve an example of this in my SCCM 2007 beta whitepaper on software management.


Remember that Windows Server 2008 has its firewall turned on by default and that it blocks both inbound and outbound traffic.  You’ll need to configure rules to allow your required traffic (e.g. TCP 5723) either manually, by script or by Group Policy.

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  1. Hi
    Thanks for the info, however could you please check the following:
    I think that KB954049 applies only to SCOM server, not clients []
    You need only to install Patches 952664 and 953290 to the client (951116 is superseded by one of them).

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