Azure Backup MARS Agent System State Support is GA

Microsoft announced last week that they made support for backing up system state using the MARS agent generally available.

System State backup was one of those “I must have this” features that I’ve been hearing about for 3+ years. Today it’s there – update your version of the MARS agent and you’ll have it.

With this added backup, you can protect metadata:

  • Active Directory: Backup your AD so you can do DC recoveries.
  • File Servers: It’s nice being bale to restore files & folders, but what about the shares?
  • IIS Web Servers: Protect that IIS Metabase.

Adding System State to your backup policy is easy; either start a new schedule (new MARS installations) or edit the existing schedule. System State will appear in the Add Items box. Select System State and complete the wizard. It’s easy … the way backup should be!

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