Azure VM Price Reductions And Changes

Microsoft released news overnight that they have reduced the cost of some Azure virtual machines, effective October 1st.

I help price up a lot of Azure IaaS solutions. Quite a few of the VM solutions never go anywhere, and I’m pretty sure that the per-minute/hour costs of the VMs play a big role in that (there’s a longer story here, but it’s a tangent). Microsoft has reduced the costs of their workhorse Azure virtual machines to combat this problem. I welcome this news – it might get me a little closer to my targets Smile

  • The costs of Basic A1 and Basic A2 (great for DCs and file servers!) VMs are reduced by up to 50%, A Basic A2 (will run Azure AD Connect for a small-mid biz) will now cost €70.90 per month in North Europe (Dublin).
  • The price of the Dv2 series VMs is being reduced by up to 15%.
  • The fairly new F-Series is seeing reductions of up to 11%.

The launch of the new UK regions made me wonder if Microsoft had deprecated the A-Series VMs – the UK regions cannot run the Basic A- or Standard A-Series VMs. These VMs are old, running on wimpy power consumption optimized Opteron processors. Microsoft went on to announce that a new Av2 series of virtual machines will be launched in November, with prices being up to 36% lower than the current A-Series. This is great news too. The D-, F-, G-, N-Series VMs get all of the headlines but it’s the A-Series machines that do the grunt work, and it would have been a shame if the most affordable series had been terminated.

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