TechEd Has Become MUTEE … WTH?

In a blog post on Channel 9, Microsoft has announced that TechEd North America is no longer … and has been replaced by Microsoft’s Unified Technology Event for Enterprises. Yes Microsoft’s Unified Technology Event for Enterprises. I had to copy & paste that cos it doesn’t exactly stick in the mind. So MUTEE replaces TechEd.



Now we have proof that marketing people ARE actually paid by the letter.

The reason for the rename is:

You talked, we listened… The world of IT and enterprise development and your needs are rapidly changing. In a cloud first, mobile first world you need …

And they go on to list the stuff that was present at TechEd.

And who exactly (outside of Microsoft) asked for this? Let them stand up and be counted (and knocked in the head by a flying brick).

So they’ve “re-imagined” (sigh!) TechEd as [copy & paste] Microsoft’s Unified Technology Event for Enterprises [/copy & paste] for marketing Kool-Aid.

Anywho, MUTEE TechEd North America 2015 will be on in Chicago (direct flight for me with immigration in Dublin!!!!) on May the 4th (start the Star Wars puns about a bad character called MUTEE). Note that it’s a 5 day event, not a 4 day one? I like that.

The Office blog also published a post. It appears that this will be one IT super conference, instead of the lots of conferences. That is a very positive thing, especially for people who did MEC, TechEd, etc.

By the way, I’m using the tag #StillCallingItTechEd on Twitter. I think everyone outside of Redmond will stick with the TechEd name. It stinks of marketing speak with naming for the sake of renaming, without any imagination.


OK, that was quite a … sarcastic post. If we (I mean “If I”) think about this for a moment, it means that there is one big event for IT pros to attend. And hopefully, this will be BIG, not just TechEd sized (there are bigger IT events from Oracle, VMware, etc). That is a very positive thing; we’d have one thing on the calendar – one to plan for, one to travel to, one to be away from work/family for. And it would be one event to budget for! But I’m still not calling it MUTEE.


Here is a post by the Server & Cloud blog. Nothing new there.

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  1. So how do we pronounce this!? me u tee, muddy, mewtee, mutay, or muway (t is silent)

  2. Aidan,

    I hope your speaker idol win still counts!!!!!!!


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