Makers of Double-Take Move, Vision Solutions Inc, recently released a press release to announce that:

Double‐Take Move®, will help enterprise customers and service providers move from VMware to Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V and/or Windows Azure … With the capabilities of Windows Server 2012, Hyper‐V is becoming the virtualization platform of choice for customers running mission critical applications. Customers and partners are benefiting from significant cost savings over VMware when migrating their datacenters to Hyper‐V, and with Double‐Take Move, the migration is easier and more productive than ever.

The concept of the partnership is that Double-Take Move will integrate into System Center and make it easy for administrators to V2V migrations:

  • Near‐zero downtime migrations (downtime is when the VM comes online after the migration)
  • Automated cutover
  • Test cutover
  • WAN optimization
  • Milestone notifications
  • Automatic VM provisioning


According to the data sheet, this is a service-centric approach, leveraging Orchestrator to automate the process and Service Manager to reveal the process as a request to cloud tenants.  There is also a video on the solution.

This will be good news to large organizations that have made big investments in vSphere in the past and want to have an easy switch over to a more efficient platform.

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  1. Have never seen any customer opting Hyper-V over VMware except who is ready compromise on performance

    • No. You only choose vSphere if you want to compromise on performance and pay more.

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