Windows Server 2012 R2 features SMB 3.0, not just for storage, but also for Live Migration.  In a converged network/fabric scenario we need to be able to distinguish between the different kinds of SMB 3.0 traffic to ensure that, for example, Live Migration does not choke off storage on a host.

This is possible thanks to a new feature called SMB Bandwidth Limit.  You can add this feature in Server Manager.


You can also add this feature via PowerShell:

Install-WindowsFeature FS-SMBBW

From there, we can use Set-SMBBandwidthLimit to set a Bytes Per Second limitation on three different kinds of SMB traffic:

  • Default
  • VirtualMachine
  • LiveMigration

For example, I could run the following to limit the bandwidth of Live Migration.  The minimum speed limit is used in this example, which is roughly 0.8 Gbps:

Set-SMBBandwidthLimit -Category LiveMigration -BytesPerSecond 1048576

Get-SMBBandwidthLimit will return the results and Remove-SMBBandwidthLimit will remove the limiter. 

The updated PowerShell help in the preview release of WS2012 R2 has not got much information on these cmdlets yet.

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