My Smartphone Pregnancy Is Over

My last phone contract ended last November and I’ve been contemplating a new device since then.  I finally came to a decision …

After 8 months of procrastination I went with the HTC One.  The Nokia Lumia 925 did have a shot but being limited to 16 GB (too small for me now) and the absence of any good podcast apps killed it for me.

Note: Very few countries have access to podcasts in the store, and every podcast app on Windows Phone sucks donkey balls.

I’ve already talked about the S4 and Xperia Z.  Every review raved about the HTC One.  I finally handled one in the press room at TechEd NA, and that pretty much sealed it.  No; it does not have the best camera, but I use a pretty nice DSLR for photography.

One unexpected (for me) spanner in the works was the Lumia 1020 that was announced tonight (after a week of “leaks”).  A 41 megapixel camera in a phone?  But you know what: we serious photographers call them megapixies.  Shooting through a tiny lens, from a tiny sensor, through fingerprints …. I’m sorry but it sounds more marketing than anything else to me.  Call me skeptical.  I’ve heard so much crap about cameras (including top end DSLRs) over the years I’ve long since given up believing it until I see the results.

So I got my HTC One.  Office 365 got all my contacts and email down in seconds.  All the apps I want are there.  Podcast apps: there’s no shortage of highly rated free apps.  I love the phone so far … but I’ve had it all of 8 hours.  We’ll see how it goes over time.

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