If I Was Asked These Interview Questions …

Silicon Republic has a story about strange interview questions asked by some of the most highly rated companies in the world.  You know: the “why are manholes round?” (not all are!) and “how many golf balls can you put in a mini?” (why are you wasting your employers time putting golf balls in a car?”).

Here’s how I would respond to such a question in an interview …

“Why are you wasting my time?  Thank you.  Good bye”.  And I might just blog and tell the story to everyone I know too … *evil laugh*

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2 Comments on If I Was Asked These Interview Questions …

  1. Missing the point if the questions. Its about understanding how you think. I think we test way too much on what people know and not nearly enough on how they work through problems and acquire new knowledge.

    Am I a fan of those exact questions? No. I like having folks design a machine to coat M&Ms… 🙂 In other words, I get them to solve an engineering problem that is in a completely different domain.

    • Hey Josh,
      Agreed with the concept of different questions. I actually like using a problem/solution style of question where there is no fix to the problem – I keep responding with “that doesn’t fix it, what would you try next?”. That explores who the person thinks, how they’ll work, etc.

      Now back to the important subject: how many M&Ms exactly, and are the the peanut ones?

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