Jose Barreto tweeted earlier today about a new support article for SMB 3.0 Multichannel on Windows Server 2012 (WS2012).  The scenario is that SMB Multichannel skips non-routable IP addresses of a network interface if routable IP addresses are also configured.

On a Windows Server 2012-based computer or a Windows 8-based computer that connects to a server message block (SMB) 3.0 file share, SMB Multichannel ignores non-routable IP addresses if the network interface has both routable and non-routable IP addresses configured. This behavior occurs even though SMB Multichannel typically tries to connect with additional interfaces if multiple network interfaces exist, and tries to establish multiple TCP/IP connections for a Receive-Side Scaling (RSS) capable network interface.

This is a complicated one and takes a couple of reads.  There is no hotfix.  It’s a configuration issue.

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  1. The article isn’t terribly clear. Does this only affect nics set to APIPA/link local ranges or does it include private ranges or perhaps any subnet provided there is no default route? Do you happen to know? TIA

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