Fujitsu President Masami Yamamoto is Wearing His A$$ As A Hat

I just read on TabTaimes that Fujitsu president, Masami Yamamoto, is blaming weak demand for Windows 8 on poor hardware sales. Huh!?

Bloomberg reports that Yamamoto told Japanese press that:

Fujitsu Ltd. (6702), Japan’s biggest provider of computer services, … will miss its annual shipment target for personal computers amid slow demand for Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)’s Windows 8 operating system

How many Fujitsu Windows 8 machines have I seen in my tour of retail outlets in Germany, UK, and Ireland? Exactly: zero.  I’m sure if they were out there, they’d be snot green like the classic 1990’s laptops I had to use when I worked in a Fujitsu-owned company Smile with tongue out

Admittedly, demand for traditional form factors has plummeted. People want tablets.  But you cannot get them in the stores.  I’ve seen only 1 Windows RT device on a shelf in Ireland, and it isn’t even a true tablet (Lenovo Yoga).

Dude, you cannot sell something if you do not supply it.  You might have heard of supply and demand?

In the same story, Dell says:

… it’s seeing strong demand for computers and tablets running Windows 8. Interest in the operating system is “quite high,” Dell Chief Executive Officer Michael Dell said at a conference in Austin, Texas.

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