Smartglass Won’t Play Video To Your XBox From Windows 8

You’ve probably heard about Smartglass or seen the video.  You’ve followed the instructions (log in with common Live/Xbox ID on Xbox and Windows 8 device, install & configure the app), started playing a video, swiped up, hit Play To, and there’s no option for your Xbox.  Then you start searching and find the same result I did, and wonder if your Surface is broken. 

I verified that it wasn’t just the Surface, by recreating the scenario from a pristine virtual machine.

So what was wrong?  It appears that Microsoft missed an instruction:

  1. Hit Charms – Settings – PC Settings
  2. Go to Devices
  3. Add A Device, let it search.
  4. Add Xbox 360 (Digital media server)
  5. Wait for it to add & install

Now start a video on your Windows 8 machine, open the app bar (bottom), hit Play To –> XBox 360

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3 Comments on Smartglass Won’t Play Video To Your XBox From Windows 8

  1. Thank you You saved my life

  2. I just right click on the file and hit Play To>Xbox360

  3. says xbox 360 is already connected but offline, and wont let me remove the device to re-add it and re-install. any ideas? 🙂

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