Build 2012 – Notes From The Keynote Stream

I am not a Build. It sold out in minutes and I wasn’t quick enough Sad smile Let’s find out if everyone there is getting a free WP8 handset and/or Surface.

Out comes Steve Ballmer and his pink themed WP8 advert.  In just the last 3 days, 4 million Windows 8 upgrades have been sold – this is not the misleading Software Assurance number.  Stevo wants to show us Windows 8 on Windows 8 generation hardware. Oh if only these tablets and touch laptops were available in the stores

He demos Windows 8 on the 82” Windows “Slate”, Perceptive Pixel touch TV. Nothing new – the same keynote demos as always. Once again, Acer is highlighted. Shouting about Surface ruining life for partners really pays off Smile

And a while later Steve Guggenheimer DPE comes out. Hmm, Xbox (for PC) gaming controller plugged into USB port in a Surface and used to play a game. Lots of other stuff we’ve either seen or heard many times before.  I would not have highlighted the ESPN app at all.  It’s the same boring screen of squares and is nothing special – in fact, it’s pretty dreadful.  Plenty of nicer apps out there, such as Netflix.

Steve B is back. Twitter bringing an official app to Windows 8, along with SAP and DropBox. The big names are coming. 400,000,000 devices will be sold with Windows 8 in the next year if PC sales were to stay flat.  More marketing coming, including for Surface.  MSFT has to do that – the h/w partners have let the side down and MSFT has to pick up the device slack IMO. 

Every Build Attendee will get 100 GB Skydrive storage for free, a Surface RT (as expected). Bast*rds!

Phone stuff after that *tunes out*

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