Surface Launch

People are delighted, and they’re snap dancing around the world … apparently  Surface is a “stage of Windows 8”.  There are more stages … Surfaces … to come?

The 10.6 inches diagonal screen is what Windows was designed to work on (side by side apps).  The display is Cleartype.  The panel was designed from the ground up by MSFT.  The tablet was designed from the inside out, with weight distribution in mind.  It has to feel “great” … light and balanced.  Weight distribution reduces stress on the wrists. 

The MicroSD (up to 64 GB) is under the kick stand.  You could swap cards for those long journeys, archiving lots of photos on a vacation, etc.  Speaker says he watched movies on a 10 hour flight to china without charging.  In a layover, he nearly did a 100% charge.

There are 2 wireless antennas for signal quality.  Speaker claims he connected to hotel wifi when staff said he wouldn’t be able to at the hotel roof pool.

He talks about the screen contrast and lack of reflectivity (how the screen is bonded).  Independent reviews call this out.  As a photographer, I understand the importance of this.  Using SmartGlass, he throws the movie that is playing to an Xbox and the projected screen.  He repeats with music to stress how you can take advantage of your surround sound system for music.

Hydro Thunder is up.  I miss it from the beta.  Very good 3D graphics

He drops one from held up position to prove a point.  The build is SOLID and he picks it up to use it.  They then show the “surface keyboard” (d not do this) when Sinofsky rode one.  Speak of the devil … he comes out to reclaim it. 

Clever usage of side-by-side with angled back camera.  With the kickstand open, he records the audience and writes, just like a student could record a lecture and take notes at the same time.  Very very nice.  Beat that iPad.

Steven SInofsky comes on stage to plug in a DSLR directly into a Surface via the USB port to upload some pictures into a blog post in Word.  iPad, can you do that?  Dongle what now?

And in-store sales start at 00:01 on the 26th in the USA.

That’s a wrap!

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