Hyper-V Sales Overtake The Competition In Q2 2012– IDC

I saw some tweets this morning that referred to a Turkish article.  I opened it, ran the translator and read.  According to IDC:

Server virtualization is an important successes in the market, Hyper-V virtualization market in the second quarter of 2012, according to research, was the market leader in 11 countries, including Turkey.

This is where a defensive snob will say “it’s just Turkey” or “it’s just Europe”.  That, quite honestly, would be a sad excuse.  Save that crap for your racism club meeting.  This is an industry trend.  Look at the charts:


They show that Hyper-V started at zero.  We know from IDC’s global data that Hyper-V market penetration was increasing.  It was only inevitable that Hyper-V started to take a lead.  I’ve seen it locally, even since the GA of WS2012, with Hyper-V beating VMware in head-head feature-based sales competition.

Hyper-V Virtualization Host 3.2 per cent market share of the nearest competitor with a market share rose to 41.9 percent.

Is that champagne I hear being popped in Redmond?

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