Speed Up Live Migration With Power Settings

Here are some notes from the PFE Virtualization Blog on how to tweak the power settings of HP or Dell servers to speed up live migration.

Premier Field Engineers (PFE) are the uber-geeks of the customer facing parts of Microsoft.  Evangelists will talk tech and demo, MCS will design and install, but PFEs need to understand the inner workings, have contacts throughout the product groups, and have access to wonderful tools that the rest of us can only dream about.  They even have their own internal conference that is called a “university” – I’ve only heard in passing how detailed the presentations are and it sounds like it exceeds our experience of level 400 at the normal conference.

Never heard of PFE before?  Well, they are reserved for those customers who have bought the most expensive of the support contracts, and they go onsite to do some very cool work from briefings, training, to troubleshooting some nasty/interesting issues.

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  1. These settings are pretty much known in the VMware world. I use them with Hyper V as well.

    I wish had some old links I use to keep but there was some really good blog posts on this with VMware and VDI’s. Basically it came about with the power management feature in VMware where hosts would go to sleep when the load go low (vmotion vm to fewer hosts, sleep the un-used hosts) when the load would increase, load in the VM’s, as people come to work in the morning the VM’s would not communicate with the host hardware properly that was using C-States and so the host would run a lower power, slowing down the VM’s.

    Turning these power savings off and forcing the hosts to full power 24/7 ensures that never happens.

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