The Haters Get What They Wanted – Metro Was Removed From Windows 8

News broke yesterday that Metro was removed from Windows 8.  The new UI will look like this:


This will apparently be called the New User Interface or the Windows 8 UI (cos locking the name of the app style and UI down to a specific version won’t cause problems – my crystal ball says that in 18 months time, 30 minutes of each Windows Weekly episode will have to be dedicated to clearing up the confusion of the Windows 9 UI, and how Windows RT is also Windows 8, but not) or something.

The Verge reported last night that Microsoft is rapidly trying to rebrand the UI tell us that Metro was just a codename and never was intended to be the name of this Windows 8 UI.  Huh … cos 18 months of Windows Phone 7.x and 10 months of Windows 8 previews all using that name in public and in documentation didn’t lead us to think that it was the actual name. Devs have been told to also remove the label of Metro from their apps.  The Verge also says:

One source, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells us that the change could be related to a dispute between Microsoft and a German company over the use of the Metro naming.

They guessed maybe it was Metro AG, a German company that owns several chains of stores.  Others are reporting a European company is responsible.  It fits.  For the past 18 months, every time I’ve heard Microsoft use the name Metro I’ve been confused with Metro/Makro Cash & Carry and felt like going to the Windows Store to buy a twelve pack of sausages.


Seriously? This is one of those “Come on man!” moments.

Word on the “street” is that we’ll get the new official name for Metro by next week. This won’t cause any trouble for anyone right after Windows 8 has gone RTM, I’m sure.

Meanwhile, 18 months of “training” has the world calling this style of UI Metro, and some lawyer trying to make a fast Euro won’t change that. Gehen Sie schrauben sich! *Really hoping Google Translate got that right* Jeff Wouters says I should try “Fick dich (selbst)!” instead Smile *wonders how many proxies are now filtering my blog*

Note: For those of you who are sarcasm-disabled, please note that this post was full of that thing you don’t understand. And go check The Verge or ZDNet for a serious version of this story.


A very interesting tweet was just posted:


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3 Comments on The Haters Get What They Wanted – Metro Was Removed From Windows 8

  1. “Gehen sie schrauben sich?” No google translated it really bad 🙂
    But nice article (if you understand sarcasm 😉 )

  2. Try “Fick dich (selbst)! ” instead.
    Love the article… but the title gave me false hope though 😉

  3. So now with Metro UI removed from windows 8 deskop, there is just a ‘core edition’ left. 🙂

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