I’ve been building up an app collection for demo purposes, so I’ve been keeping track of what’s in the Windows Store on Windows 8 Release Preview. Nothing had appeared in a few days.  The calm before the storm I joke with myself.  How right I was.

I just logged in today and a lot of new stuff has appeared.  I’ve not see this much appear at once since the RP was released.


Can you feel it?  It’s coming … the RTM that is.  I previously guess 6pm or 8pm GMT Irish time, 1st of August.  A pure guess.  I’m leaving work early today so I can be at home at 6pm Smile Nerd!

I’ve just noticed … none of the usual tech journalists are tweeting … hmm … Can a man read too much in between the lines, or can a man guess that even though we’re in the Sinofsky era, some things that happen around RTM time don’t ever change?


There is definitely a lot of new stuff. I’ve just been playing an “exercise” game where it uses your webcam to track your movement. A lot of new games, productivity, and social stuff.


And it happened at around 17:45.

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