This is taken from Microsoft Multipath I/O (MPIO) Users Guide for Windows Server 2012.

The following changes to MPIO are available in Windows Server 2012:

  • PowerShell management and configuration: Utilizing the MPIO module in PowerShell, MPIO can be configured using PowerShell as an alternative to MPCLAIM.exe. See the section Installing and Managing MPIO using PowerShell: section of this document.
  • Heterogeneous HBA usage with MPIO: Heterogeneous, (That is different) HBA types can now be used together with non-boot Virtual Disks only. In prior releases of Windows Server, it was mandatory to use HBA’s of the same model.
  • Support for MPIO with multiport-SAS enclosures: The use of MPIO with Data volumes on a multiport-SAS enclosure is now supported.

Heterogeneous support for HBAs for data drives is cool. Now your network path fault tolerance can include different hardware models, chipsets, and drivers.

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  1. Thanks for your high quality posts!

    One Question about disk MPIO in 2012R2:

    Two nodes, iSCSI Failvoer-Cluster, and one shared JBOD. Which MPIO Policy do i have to assign to each of the disks? FailOver or Round-Robin?

    Cannot find any Infos about that …



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