Application Compatibility and API Support for SMB 3.0, CSVFS, and ReFS

Microsoft just published this document with details on compatibility for SMB 3.0, CSVFS (cluster shared volume for Hyper-V and SOFS), and the new server file system ReFS.

The Application Compatibility with Resilient File System document provides an introduction to Resilient File System (ReFS) and an overview of changes that are relevant to developers interested in ensuring application compatibility with ReFS. The File Directory Volume Support spreadsheet provides documentation for APIs support for SMB 3.0, CSVFS, and ReFS that fall into the following categories: file management functions, directory management functions, volume management functions, security functions, file and directory support codes, volume control code, and memory mapped files.

It is very much aimed towards developers.  There is a little bit of decipherable text in there to describe what ReFS is, something MSFT is not talking about much, not even at TechEd.  My take so far: it’s a file system for the future that will eventually supplant NTFS.

Sections 1.1-1.3 are interesting to us IT Pros, then jump ahead to section 1.11.

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