A Geek’s Guide To The Galaxy Building A ConfigMgr 2012 OS Deployment Solution

Speaker: Johan Arwidmark @jarwidmark, Chief Technical Architect, Knowledge Factory

Agenda: hydration, create  reference image, setup ConfigMgr 2012 for deployment.

Free hydration kit, based o n MDT 2012 Lite Touch, fully automated build of entre labs.  Download from www.deploymentresearch.com  When your run it, it allows you to copy your media into a folder structure.  Then you get an easy deployment solution.  It does an unattended install of ConfigMgr.  It even installs a DC for your labs!

He’s enabled deduplication on his Windows Server 2012 MDT machine, saving a lot of disk space.

The kit creates a 10 GB ISO file, which you mount on a VM and start from.  You are asked if you want the domain controller (1st) or the ConfigMgr site server (2nd).  There is a customsettings.ini file for each server, with their build confgs, e.g. IP address.

Johan recommends Lite Touch to create ConfigMgr reference images.  He reckons it’s twice as quick.  Plus, a ConfigMgr reference image is specific to ConfigMgr, whereas an MDT one is generic and can be used in WDS, ImageX, etc. 

Create a reference image

Doing this in MDT 2012 Workbench.  Import OS image and create task sequence.  Always use VMs for reference images.  He puts a suspend in the task sequence so he can snapshot the VM before the sysprep.  That means he can apply the snapshot to change the macine and recapture the reference image.

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