When you did the recent update for Adobe products, did you require a reboot?  Wonder why? 


Look what’s turned up on my PC at work!  I’ve now got two services for updating a minor utility and a plugin that I cannot wait for HTML5 to kill off.

Think about it: Adobe is one of the most attacked software vendors out there, and probably their products are the ones that I update most often on my own and work machines.  Why the hell would I trust them to run a service on my computer?  Hackers must love the presence of these services.

I have uninstalled Adobe Reader (removed the Adobe Acrobat Update Service) from my work computer and switched to Foxit, a product that understands that it is a minor utility.  I’ve also disabled the Adobe Flash Player Update Service.

BTW, we don’t need an Adobe update service at work – we’ve been pushing out Adobe updates via System Center.

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  1. Makes you want to setup AppLocker :)

  2. This is insane! No wonder my computer reboots all the time now. I come in to work in the morning and, sure enough, I am facing a logon prompt rather than the unlock screensaver prompt. Now I know why.


  3. I noticed when I manually installed adobe patches this weekend, I was prompted on how I wanted future adobe patches handled…now I know why.

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