Day 2 of Office 365

To follow up on yesterday’s Gmail migration issues:

  • Attempt 1 was to connect the email account: works nicely for Hotmail migration but Gmail is another story because it doesn’t have real folders (using tags).  My mails were coming into the inbox as unread.  I quickly stopped and backtracked that.
  • Attempt 2 was to use the recommended IMAP migration.  My Gmail was set up for IMAP already so all was good there. I created the required CSV and started the import.  Or I tried to.  O365 refused to connect to my Gmail account, no matter what I did.
  • Attempt 3 was manual.  Outlook was already connected to Gmail.  I connected it to O365.  I then manually copied all of my folders and mails from one account to another, all 1.5 GB of it.

With the pain over, I can move on.  I use the OWA interface of O365 from the office, so I can keep it separate from Outlook which is connected to the Office Exchange server and mail account.  OWA works nicely.

I had a play with the SharePoint Internet website.  That was nice and easy to reconfigure.  To be honest, I doubt I’ll ever use SharePoint for my own stuff.  I have a Home Server and I use Live Mesh, along with Carbonite backup.  I can always get at my files either by a local replica or by browsing one of a number of sites.

Lync … hmm.  The DNS records are “interesting”.  I believe I’ve got them set up correctly.  My domain is with an ISP and I’m not moving it to MSFT.  I use it for a number of things and I want to retain control.  Lync has been a ropey experience.  I can’t say it’s as good as Live Messenger for staying in contact with people.  I can hook up with anyone on Messenger without Federation.  But Lync isn’t built to be that way.  In fact, all the instructions I’ve seen imply that you can enable federation to specific domains.  Not in the Office365 that I have: I can enable it or disable it and nothing more.  I’ve connected successfully to my Messenger account so I know it works. 

What doesn’t work?  Well, audio is just a wee bit important to Lync.  And it cannot find my audio device.  That’s despite the fact that I listen to music, watch Silverlight and Flash webcasts, and so on with absolutely no issues.  The Realtek audio driver is up to date … turns out others in the office with this model of HP PC (8100 Elite Convertible Minitower) have the same issue.

Anyway, my main reason to get O365 was email, and that’s now working fine.

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2 Comments on Day 2 of Office 365

  1. Jim Brown // May 1, 2012 at 8:58 PM // Reply

    I have a Law firm with the EXACT same audio problem… and guess what? They too have
    HP 8100 Elite PC’s. We are desperate for an answer if you have one.

    Thank You, Jim Brown

    • Aidan Finn // May 2, 2012 at 9:50 AM // Reply

      My fix was an accidental find: I was given an OCS/Lync headset. I plugged it in, and the Lync client detects it as a valid audio device.

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