Progress of Third Party Azure

It’s quite a while since Bob Muglia & co announced that some Microsoft partners would be running a third party implementation of Azure in the form of the Azure Appliance.  Who cares?  Well, some want more than what Microsoft can offer – and some have a problem with the USA Patriot Act that affects all USA businesses no matter where their operations or subsidiaries are located/registered.

HP are said to be going VMware for their cloud but have also said they are deploying Azure Appliance.  HP can offer more than what Microsoft offers, no doubt, especially in the storage space.  They probably can do more in the 3rd party or open source space, even though MSFT has embraced things like PHP on Azure.  But HP is American so thumbs down for data protection.

Ebay is puzzling.  Are they going to auction CPU cycles?  I really don’t get it, other than they can run their own site on their own Azure appliances.  File under irrelevant.

Dell is going in another direction, possibly OpenStack.  IBM – Lotus Live (Lotus Dead is more like it).  IBM is doing a lot of consulting and making a lot of money from government and corporates in the cloud space.  Probably a lot of Z series hardware and VMware licensing being sold, with a lot of consultants on site sucking up budget.

Fujitsu is the one that interests me the most.  Fujitsu are Japanese (obviously) and can therefore operate independently of the USA Patriot Act.  A Fujitsu datacentre in the EU can comply completely with EU laws.  They’re allegedly unveiling their Azure Appliance public cloud in August, thus offering a 0% Patriot Act Azure public cloud the world.  If I’m Microsoft, I’m pushing that sucker big-time because it offers the power of their PaaS in a venue that resolves the legal issues with their own datacentre offering.

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