To be honest, I thought Microsoft would have killed this project because it causes confusion.  Microsoft starting talking about their private cloud when System Center Virtual Machine Manager Self Service Portal (SCVMMSSP) 2.0 was released last year.  With no other road map information, we were left to assume that it was the long term strategy ā€“ a shell in front of SCVMM.

Then along came SCVMM 2012 beta and we find that it is a self-contained private cloud solution.  What about hybrid cloud integration?  Project Concero takes care of that.  It seems like SCVMMSSP is a one-time-only solution for those on SCVMM 2008 R2.  Any effort you put into engineering it in your site will have a short term value if you do upgrade to 2012 because SCVMMSSP 2.0 is irrelevant there.  I wish the messaging from MSFT had been clearer last year.  I bet you a good few customers deployed the original SCVMMSSP 2.0 cloud solution to find it had a short life, and would have to be ripped/replaced by SCVMM 2012 with no migration path.

So, you can download this SP1 release of SCVMMSSP 2.0 now.  Iā€™m not going to bother copy/pasting any more information.  This product is a total cul-de-sac, and a bad strategy to take in my opinion (now we know the real strategy).

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