My Talk TechNet Experience

I’ve just wrapped up my guest appearance on the Microsoft Talk TechNet webcast.  It was a really interesting afternoon for me.

The show follows the model of a USA sports radio show – luckily I am a Niners fan (as was discussed) so my podcast subscriptions feature such content and it’s what’s on the dial when I rent a car in the USA.  Some hosts drive conversation on a topic, and the moderator/producer takes questions from online/phone callers.  The guest provides some expertise on a topic.

The guys, Michael, Keith, and Matt were really nice.  I called in 30 minutes before it started to do the sound check and briefing.  The show started and it’s very loose and relaxed.  There’s a bit of banter to get things going, just like in sports radio.  And we got into it: things I see a lot, public/private cloud, why Hyper-V, and so on.

Thanks to the TechNet folks for inviting me on, and for giving me the opportunity to plug Mastering Hyper-V Deployment.  And thank you too to those who tuned in and contributed.  The hour absolutely flew past. That’s always a sign that I’ve had fun.  Those who’ve had the “Aidan Finn Experience” know that it’s hard to shut me up when I get started.  It felt like 15 minutes to me.  I’d strongly recommend it to any experts/MVPs that get the opportunity to be a guest.

Edit #1:

It’s just been tweeted that my session with Talk TechNet will be posted online later this week.

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