RTM Week! Much Better Than Shark Week If You Ask Me

Although I would have expected the marketing people to wait for 8/8 to RTM Windows 8, they did previously announce RTM would be in the first week of August so that gives them from today (the 1st) until the 7th. And as I tweeted yesterday, Windows 8 product keys have appeared in the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center.

Watch for blog posts or news releases from Microsoft at 8am PST and 10am PST. I seem to remember Windows RTM meetings are usually early in the morning, but this Sinofskian release might be quite different to the past.

RTM does not mean that Windows 8/Server 2012 will appear on MSVL/MSDN/TechNet straight away. I think Vista took an age to spread out via the various networks. And I think Windows 7 was instantly available.  Developers will be critical to the success of Windows 8, so surely MSFT will give them access to RTM code on MSDN as quickly as possible?



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